2022 here we come!

We are so pleased to let folk know the d’AIRY is shaking off its COVID drowsiness and opening operations. We are hoping that 2022 will bring fabulous opportunities at the d’AIRY.

We kick off on Saturday 23rd April with the first of our popular non-tutored life drawing studio . These fill fast, so book soon.

Tim Miller is already preparing a Landscape en plain air workshop and we are working with Ingred Morley on a sculpture workshop

Keep an eye on the site as we lock down and announce the rest of the program.

We are on the look-out for life drawing models. We want a range of body types and ages and we have firm policies to look after our models well. We are contemplating a Model’s Workshop to provide some instruction for those wanting to have a go for the first time, and for those looking to explore poses appropriate for different time-lengths. If you think you have, or could develop a reasonable ‘body awareness’ to hold a deliberate pose from 30secs to 20mins, please contact us here…

Our Next Workshops available

We are very pleased that Ben Ryan and Tim Miller are able to provide 2 x 1 Day Life Drawing Workshops in November: “Foundations of Life Drawing”. With limited time and limited numbers we are expecting these to fill fast so book early to secure your spot.

Whatever stage of drawing you are at, Life Drawing forms a solid foundation to your ability to ‘see’ and to ‘represent’. We take, perhaps the most familiar of subjects, our own form, and learn how to see differently, to observe structure, light, line, tone… skills that are fundamental to our drawing of everything thereafter.

Our tutors come from quite different experience, but from similar ‘classical’ training to instruct and guide us through these 2 days. Each workshop stands independently if you only have time for one, but together they combine to form a solid foundation for your drawing practice.

Book here for Workshop 1 with Ben Ryan and here for Workshop 2 with Tim Miller.

Well… that went well!

Like everyone across the world, our big plans for 2020 got messed around a bit.

Nevertheless we are keen to draw, and keen to get together as soon as we can reasonably and safely do so. We are planning to recommence the Atelier in August, with all the COVIDsafe measures we can put in place. Our studio can accommodate about 14 people by the 4m2 rule, but we don’t want to cram things and we want to make sure there is fresh, clean air for everyone, so we will be limiting classes to 10 participants plus tutor and model.

It is critical that you register in advance, and we will outline COVID policies for your agreement on booking. We will need to collect and hold some personal contact details for these purposes, in line with government policy, etc. We will, of course, only use such information for the purposes it is provided.

We have some exciting plans to build our partnership in the development of Art in the region, and we are excited about the growing interest in art that some time in isolation seems to be generating. Hopefully we can help you even begin a journey, pick up on a long held passion, or continue to hone well developed skills.

We are aiming to commence our non-tutored Life Drawing from the first Saturday afternoon in August, and monthly thereafter.

We are preparing for the return of Sally Ryan for another of her highly sought Intensive Workshop weekends in late August.

We are looking to collaborate with Bathurst Regional Art Gallery as they host the Archibald exhibition commencing 15th August. Watch this space!

Other parts of our earlier published program are being ‘worked over’ and we’ll let you know as soon as things settle.

Of course everything is subject to the challenges of COVID19 and we will operate a policy of full refund in the event that either government regulation, personal health, or due precaution mean that you can’t join us for any event you might have booked for. We will also be taking small steps of short-term commitment wherever practicable, and so we will rely on your support to maintain what reasonable commitment you can to assist the viability of the effort we will be making to serve you and your artistic endeavour.

Grab your charcoal, paints and credit card and head to the great offerings as they are re-established at Atelier d’AIRY CReATivE…

We’re on it… and will get back to you asap!

Dear Fans of the Atelier…

we know you will be wondering “what’s on for 2020?”

We have been working on a great program of studios and Workshops… we’re just trying to get it right and, importantly, sustainable. We don’t want to get you all excited about things we plan and promise if there is a risk that we can’t deliver or continue to deliver into the future.

How you could help

If you have strong feelings, or just niggling thoughts about what you want to do at the Atelier, how much it should cost, who else could enjoy it with you, or how we might expand the offering to best use our resources, then please drop us a note with your thoughts.

Our prime objective is to continue to promote Fine Arts in the Bathurst region, valuing the participants (artists, tutors, models, volunteers, promoters) and the product so that the community and culture of Art flourishes.

2019 up and running… THE PROGRAM

We are very pleased to introduce the  program for 2019. Commencing February 19 a new collection of studios and workshops are planned. Book now to secure your spot!

Term dates

Term 1 Tuesday 19 February – Saturday 13 April
Term 2 Tuesday 7 May – Saturday 29th June
Term 3 Tuesday 30th July – Saturday 21st September
Term 4 Tuesday 22 October May – Saturday 7th September

Proposed Intensive workshop dates

Landscape colour and light – Saturday 27-Sunday 28th April

Portrait painting – date to be confirmed

Landscape drawing – Saturday 28th -Sunday 29th September

Figure drawing/painting – Saturday 12th -Sunday 13th October.

 Schedule of Course Offerings Term 1 & 2

  • Courses in Term 1 and 2 are suitable for beginners and experienced artists.
  • Painting will be in water-based oils and/or water colour.
  • Classes are geared to the individual and will include demonstrations by the tutor.
  • Illustration course outline and notes will be provided on commencement.
  • Term 1 Courses
    Focus on Drawing -8 weeks of weekly 3 hr tutored classes – cost for 8 weeks $400

Tutor: Tim Miller & guest tutor/s (tba)

Two classes will be on offer.
The Tuesday morning class will run from 9:30 – 12:30 commencing Tuesday 19 February.

The Saturday morning class will run from 10am – 1:00pm, commencing Saturday 23 February.


5 weeks: Drawing Still Life

This will use objects, casts and skeleton and will cover:

  • line
  • placement
  • proportion
  • direction
  • change of plane and form
  • visual perspective (1,2 and 3 point) and aerial perspectiveo foreshortening
  • properties of light
  • rendering
  • composition

3 weeks: Life Drawing from a model

Term 2 Courses

  • Focus on painting -8 weeks of weekly 3 hr tutored classes – cost for 8 weeks $400

Two classes will be on offer.
The Tuesday morning class will run from 9:30 – 12:30 commencing Tuesday 7 May.

The Saturday morning class will run from 10am – 1:00pm, commencing Saturday 11 May.


Week 1: Drawing for Still Life painting
Weeks 2-3: Still Life Painting
Using water-based oil and/or watercolours and will cover:

  • painting method
  • colour mixing
  • hue, value and chromao colour systems
  • seeing colour and light

Week 4: Drawing for Life Painting Week 5-8: Painting the Human FormWill cover:

  • composition
  • colour of the lighto colour and form


Non –tutored life drawing sessions

The monthly Life Drawing non-tutored sessions are to be held on the first Saturday of each month from 2:00pm – 5:30pm , commencing Sat 2 February- $30/session

Intensive weekend workshops
Landscape Colour and Light workshop, Tim Miller, Rockley Studio, 6-7 April, $250 Portrait workshop, Sally Ryan, 6-8 July, $350
Landscape drawing, tutor TBC, 28-29 September $250
Figure Workshop, Tim Miller & guest tutors (TBA), 12-13 October, $250

Our first visiting Tutor!

At the end of September, the Atelier will be joined by Sally Ryan from Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney for a 3 day intensive portraiture workshop. This will be a great opportunity for our local artists and also for people to come and experience Bathurst.

Vinyard and old church on Queen Charlottes Vale Ck, near bathurst

Australia’s Oldest Inland Settlement has always attracted the attention of great artists because of our stunning light, crisp air, wonderful scenery and marvellous texture. We are planning for our weekend intensives to continue a tradition of artists travelling to our region for inspiration and the shear enjoyment of our culture. We are partnering with local winemakers and foodies to create opportunities to discover the richness of the place we love and live in.

Places are limited so it’s worth booking soon so you don’t miss Sally’s experienced tuition at this event and so we can plan a full range of experience tailored just for you!

Expanding the offering

The first terms of the Atelier have proven successful with a good band of artists enjoying each other’s company, great tuition, skilful models, and an inspiring space. We’ve even kept warm through our first Bathurst winter as the insulation of the old cool rooms has kept a steady temperature.

So now we are looking to expand our offerings to different media, additional tutors and new friends to join our artistic journey. We want to know what kinds of classes, format and tuition you are interested in, so check out Mixed Media Saturday morning and let us know on the contact form what you would like from us next.

the first drawing class

Atelier dAIRY CReATivE first drawing class underway today!

The space illuminated from the skylights above and through Tim Miller’s long earned experience; the nervous enthusiasm as people gathered and met for the first time and at the beginning of their journey together over the coming weeks; the room filled with artefacts and opportunity…

Tim led the first eager students into the fundamentals of drawing… for some, the first time they had appreciated where to begin, for others, a timely reminder and perhaps clearer expression. Tim showed his capacity to distill so many years of his own artistic experience and theory into simple principles that can be understood and applied from the beginning and right through an art journey.

Some time on your own to think, to contemplate, to rediscover perspective…

Understanding anatomy and beginning with structure.

It’s an old building… but its got good bones!

Follow Atelier d’AIRY CReATivE and Tim Miller if you want to put some flesh on the bones of an artistic career!

The next class begins Wednesday night at 6pm, when a new group of budding artists start the journey.

a body of interest as bookings mount for new art classes

Image by linelight.com.au


Classes are starting to fill as the network chatter grows around the commencement of Bathurst’s newest art venture – Atelier dAIRY CReATivE.

Life Drawing classes commence on Tuesday 1st May at 9:15 and on Wednesday 2nd May at 6pm. The 3 hour classes will explore fundamentals of drawing, the foundations of all artistic pursuit.

Under the direction of Master Tutor, Tim Miller, participants will have the opportunity of drawing from the model in the sky lit spaces at the top of the recently renovated historic building on the corner of Bentinck and Princes St, Bathurst. The Atelier mode of tuition allows students of all levels of experience and capacity to share together as they express and grow at an individual rate and under the personal attention of the tutor.

Class sizes are limited to maximise the benefit to each student and ensure a great ‘feel’ amongst the community of artists. Book your easel soon!