Landscape Colour and Light Workshop with Tim Miller, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April, 2019

Painting in Pastel or Oil

This course is an introduction to painting en plein air. Demonstrations and practicals of the oil and pastel painting process will explore the properties of light, the colour of the light, aerial perspective, how to see colour in the landscape and composition. We will be painting small studies directly from life. 
Beginners and advanced students are welcome. The course is geared to the individual and you work at your own pace.

For more information please call Tim on 0413037436.


Landscape in Oil or Pastel (your choice) 

 Tutor: Tim Miller 


This suggested list of colours or a selection of your own choice in either student or professional quality

Lamp black and Titanium white.

Cadmium yellow pale

Cadmium red deep 

Ultramarine blue


Or a selection of your own choice

You will also need:

Brushes: long bristled flats or you may prefer to use rounds, filberts etc..  

Canvas:  a piece of primed canvas which can be cut or a selection of panels such as 9 x 5, 10 x 8 etc

Rags: for cleaning brushes etc..

Palette knife

Easel (Tim can supply but bring your own if possible) 


Willow charcoal (thin)

Hat. Tim has drawing boards to loan.  


You may already have a range of pastels, in which case you can ignore this list.

The following list gives you a range of colours from which any colour can be mixed. But a wider range of tints, tones and shades would be more convenient  (The code numbers refer to the Talens Rembrandt brand, but you may prefer to choose from a different brand.)  PIGMENTS AND PALETTES HAVE SIMILAR IN SCHMINKE AND ART SPECTRUM

White                                  100.5

Lemon yellow                    205.5

Deep yellow                       202.5

Permanent red deep         71.5 

Permanent rose                397.5

Ultramarine blue              506.5

Pthalo blue                         570.5

Black                                      700.5

Papers etc..

A selection of your own choice, eg Canson pastel papers, cartridge paper.

A kneadable eraser  

 tortillion (stump).

Hat.     Tim has drawing boards to loan.