Non-tutored life drawing session Sat 6 July, 2:00-5:30pm at d’AIRY CReATivE

The next non-tutored life drawing session at the d’AIRY CReATiVE will be held on Saturday 6th July, 2-5:30 pm. If you are keen to come along please email Margaret to confirm your interest, , or call 0408161759. All welcome.

Please note: This month we will ask our model to wear clothes while sitting. It is warm up in the studio, but not warm enough to keep our model comfortable without them.

Focus on Painting Classes are running on a Monday afternoon, 1-4pm.

COURSE STRUCTURE Week 1: Drawing for Still Life painting Weeks 2-3: Still Life Painting Using water-based oil and/or watercolours and will cover: painting method colour mixing hue, value and chromao colour systems seeing colour and light Week 4: Drawing for Life Painting Week 5-8: Painting the Human FormWill cover: composition colour of the lighto colour and form.