We’re on it… and will get back to you asap!

Dear Fans of the Atelier…

we know you will be wondering “what’s on for 2020?”

We have been working on a great program of studios and Workshops… we’re just trying to get it right and, importantly, sustainable. We don’t want to get you all excited about things we plan and promise if there is a risk that we can’t deliver or continue to deliver into the future.

How you could help

If you have strong feelings, or just niggling thoughts about what you want to do at the Atelier, how much it should cost, who else could enjoy it with you, or how we might expand the offering to best use our resources, then please drop us a note with your thoughts.

Our prime objective is to continue to promote Fine Arts in the Bathurst region, valuing the participants (artists, tutors, models, volunteers, promoters) and the product so that the community and culture of Art flourishes.

2 Replies to “We’re on it… and will get back to you asap!”

  1. Hi.In 2019 there had been a intensive 3day workshop offered.This is what I was hoping to source in 2020. I have to travel from the SE coast so have to get access to accommodation as well. I m painting in acrylic and have been trying to do some self tutoring on facial structure as well

    1. louise,
      thanks for getting back to us so promptly. Yes, we have workshops in the pipeline, so we’re looking forward to posting those soon.
      In terms of accommodation and the total weekend experience, are you looking for the ‘minimum effective option’ or keen to have a bit of an experience and social activity wrapped around the art tutorial… eg we could offer accommodation ;and transport) at a great place about 20mins out of town, a bed in hostel, or perhaps a ‘billet’ at a friendly house. We could plan a group dinner at a great local restaurant or a friendly pub.
      Any thoughts in these?
      The weekends have inherent overheads (including your own travel)… is there a cost limit or target? Or is it an investment in a great lifestyle of artistic expression and experience?
      We will really appreciate your thoughts.
      Thanks again!

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