life’S’cool at d’AIRY CReATivE

Art is a language of its own.

Through artistic expression we can explore, comprehend and communicate something of the world around us.

Art enriches lives and has enriched human endeavour throughout our history.

Just as language begins with words and grammar; as mathematics begins with numbers and formulae; art begins with shape and form. The history of art is seen in mankind exploring the shapes around us, but perhaps most significantly in the way people have ‘seen’ and ‘characterised’ their own form. We trace the development of mankind’s perceptive ability as we follow our expression of ourselves from cave painted stick figures through to detailed understanding and representation of our anatomy in 3 dimensional space.

Drawing from a life model is a time honoured and traditional means of both understanding human anatomical make-up and of learning the various techniques of representation of it. But more, it became the foundation of all genuine fine art training. Life Drawing provides both the foundational skills and the perpetual challenge and enriching opportunity for the artist.

The ‘Atelier’ tradition of art teaching runs parallel with Life Drawing, A studio is established under the ‘direction’ of a ‘master’ artist who coaches students developing their insight and technique at their own pace. A freedom of expression is developed independent of a formal curriculum, but with a careful and instructive eye toward the advancement of the pupil along their artistic path. Outcomes are not predetermined, yet progress is a clear objective.

Bathurst is the home of a new Atelier in which these proven methods of artistic development will be leveraged within a changing world. Our purpose is not to make ‘Art’ conform to an increasingly superficial, mechanistic and aging commercial formulae, but to re-enliven an ancient ‘language’ of human interaction to serve an, as yet, unknown phase of human experience. We will be seeking to bring understanding, exploration and endeavour back into a world saturated with imagery, but increasingly devoid of purpose.

Atelier d’AIRY CReATivE is becoming the place where all kinds and ages of people will discover the language and opportunity of art, from the core Life Drawing studio under the guidance of significant local and international ‘masters’. It is not too big a claim to say we intend to help the world take another look at the purpose and value of fine art together with those who engage in it.

Our Life Drawing School, in the old cool rooms of the Dairy Farmers and vegetable markets will again be a cool place for important things needed for a healthy future.

Life’S’cool @ d’AIRY CReATivE! … see all of you here.