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d’AIRY CReATivE workspace offers ‘hot desks’ for inspired people to do fun stuff with a bit of company. It’s not all hoopla and rah rah… you want to actually get something done… but you need the creative vibe around you to help the ‘juices’ flow.

So come out of your ‘back room’ and work in a ‘real’ office… just not those usual dull and boring ones.

Where better to establish the ‘street cred’ of your little venture than right on the leading edge of the CBD in a distinctive building with easy access to everything? When your visitors drop in, they’ll be surprised by what we are ‘hiding’ inside the dairy crate!

As your business grows, just pull up another chair. If not everyone is in this month, only pay for the ones who are. Define your own work space, or join the big table and look like you’re part of a crowd. Break out somewhere quiet when you need that ‘moment’, or take 10 on the lounge. Head up to the studio and finish that masterpiece, or close an important deal in the Board Rm.

Maybe you just got off the plane and you need somewhere to base yourself for the day… and you can’t keep cafe-hopping… We can give you a better ergonomic space, and shout you a coffee pod.

We also have accessible facilities across the ground floor, and for those who choose to ride, walk or run and want to freshen up when you arrive, you can shower and change comfortably. One of us has our Gym rings hanging from a truss in a separate space if you are really that keen (at your own risk – of getting fit – of course)

If you would like to discuss your particular needs, or have a question…

phone me

or drop a note…


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