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We’re making a local place, off-line, and away from the shallow critique of the press and (anti-)social media, where ideas can be discussed and explored, and no-one gets voted off the island!

There will be some foundational principles:

  • we hold a fundamental belief in the value of all human life (we are happy to discuss the roots of this)
  • there is meaning and purpose to be explored (we are happy to discuss relativism, but only in its context 🙂 )
  • no-one gets abused for musing over a thought bubble, or contemplating alternative viewpoints or unpopular courses of action
  • Press releases might be formulated and agreed from time to time, if we think we have something considered and worth sharing, but participants freedom to explore ideas will not be inhibited by fear of unauthorised public scrutiny
  • Criminal or persistently antisocial behaviour is not tolerated

If you think the world of ideas has something to offer a world starving for polite debate and carefully considered positions, then we’d love to have you join in the discussion.

A modest cost covers our venue, preparation and light refreshments.

Let us know your interest… (or once 6 people have paid we’ll convene the first discussion)


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