Focus on Drawing | TUESDAYS – full 8 wks


x 3 hr drawing studio with instruction


8 weekly studio sessions paid in advance. (full course cycle)

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The TUESDAY morning class will run from 9:30 – 12:30

commencing Tuesday 5 February.



5 weeks: Drawing Still Life

This will use objects, casts and skeleton and will cover:

  • line
  • placement
  • proportion
  • direction
  • change of plane and form
  • visual perspective (1,2 and 3 point) and aerial perspective
  • foreshortening
  • properties of light
  • rendering
  • composition

3 weeks: Life Drawing from a model


For further information:

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Tim Miller is the master tutor of Atelier dAIRY CReATivE, and brings more than 40 years of art practice and theory to bear as he shares his skill and passion for drawing. Tim brings the character and success of his long established Rockley Studio into easier reach in Bathurst, sharing his talent and collected resources of a widely travelled career in fine arts.


Atelier is the french description of a 'space' (lit.) where students gather, usually around a master artist, to develop skills at their own pace. It is different from a traditional school where a curriculum is pursued along a rigid timetable, and where examinations or other 'thresholds' of attainment define a student's participation and progression. In the Atelier mode, exploration and discovery are valued as a path toward achievement. The 'journey' is as important as the 'destination', together with the camaraderie along the way.


each session will be restricted to approximately 12 participants.
The atelier is on the top floor of dAIRY CReATivE at 50 Bentinck St, Bathurst.


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