Friends of the Atelier


helping the Atelier foster the Creative Spirit in Bathurst



Those who are keen to share our vision fostering the creative spirit in Bathurst will want to support the viability of the Atelier. There is a small group of ‘labourers’ who are working hard in ‘committee mode’ to plan and program and make sure the facilities are ready and everything is on hand. It costs a lot each year to set aside the room for the specific purposes of the Atelier and we really want to keep the space available for creative endeavour, while keeping our general pricing structure in reach.

If you would like to help out with a donation, this would be a great kick toward our combined efforts.

Friends of the Atelier have access to drop in and use the space on an occasional basis… grab a cuppa and sit in the lounge.

If you would like to have general ad-hoc access to the Studio and other facilities of dAIRY CReATivE… we would be happy to talk about an arrangement to suit.


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